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Saturday, February 22, 2014

busy !

by aiENFiEyQa
0 just drop their words

dengan nama allah yang maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang 

salam maulidur rasul 

kita masuk nasheed, just persembahan
wakil group50 from DIN
berlatih roughly dua minggu, 
but last minute #inchefauzi datang jadi hero - teach us how to sing properly

tahun satu semester tiga
one word - sibuk !
i am vice editor for #teambuletin
which first edition for buletin in KPJ
we are pioneer - i am proud
so we did not had reference to do theBULETIN
so disaster - actually
but, i got #teambuletin that very nice and certain give good cooperation to us
and i hope we can produce theBULETIN, sucessfully - insha allah

exam for subject CHN, around corner
so, i hope i can do well in formative and summartive exam
and i hope we can do it -
pray for me, boleh?
and also for my group - group 50


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